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Membership Pricing

Unlimited Access: $125/month with a 12-month commitment or $135/month with a 6-month commitment.  If you are still uncertain, you can opt for month-to-month payments at $145. Unlimited access includes access to an unlimited number of CF Coached classes per week and access to the gym during open gym hours.

3 CrossFit Classes/Week: $115 with 12-month commitment, $125 with 6-month commitment and $135 month-to-month.

Drop-In Fee: $10/Class for Members… $20/Class for Non-Members

CrossFit Kids/Teens: $75/ month or $10 per child per class. CrossFit Teens and CrossFit Kids are conducted 2x per week.

10% discount for multi-family members

Open Gym Access Only: $60/month

CrossFit Fundamentals and Orientation

Our fundamentals class is required for all new members of the gym. Over the course of 6 sessions you will be introduced to the CrossFit method, the lingo, the lifts and the Carlisle CrossFit Family. Our fundamentals program will give you the basics needed to be successful in achieving your goals and will teach you to approach each workout safely, understanding the importance of scaling and modifying to get the most out of every workout. Our fundamentals coaches will work with you in a small group environment along with others new to CrossFit. This is the perfect start to your long-term relationship with CrossFit! Fundamentals class will take place every Mon, Wed. and Thursday from 6:30-7:30 pm. Call 217-553-2644 to schedule your start TODAY! 6 small group sessions for $87.

One-on-One Personal Training and Sports Specific Training for Youth and Adults.

Personal training and Sport-specific training is  available from one of our experienced trainers. Prices vary depending on your training needs are. We will conduct an interview and on-ramp to determine your fitness level, personal goals, and overall health. Please contact us at: or (217) 553-2644