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2019 CrossFit Games

The 2019 CrossFit Games will be held in Madison, Wisconsin again this year at the end of the Summer. Qualifying for these games has changed significantly. There are “Sanctionals,” and “The Open.” To find out qualification requirements, follow the link below to the official Reebok CrossFit Games site.

2019 Sanctionals

The sanctionals are CrossFit’s replacement for the Regional Qualifiers of the past. There are 15 total sanctionals prior to the Games. Information about the competitions and qualifying requirements here.

Dubai Championship (1st Sanctional)

Matt Fraser and Sam Briggs become the first male and female athletes to earn invitations to the 2019 CrossFit Games for their first place finishes at the Dubai CrossFit Championship in December. Not surprisingly, Team Invictus is also on the list, winning the team event.

Wodapalooza (2nd Sanctional)

Patrick Vellner and Tia Clair-Toomey are the next athletes to earn invitations to the 2019 CrossFit Games for their first place finishes at the Wodapalooza in January. Much like Fraser, Tia Clair-Toomey was considered the favorite and came through.

Australian CrossFit Championship (3rd Sanctional)

Sam Briggs and James Newbury come away with the women’s and men’s wins in Australia. Newbury will be moving on to the games, but Briggs already has her place in the games. The women’s slot goes to the 2nd place finisher, Madeline Sturt.

Fittest in Cape Town (4th Sanctional)

Sean Sweeney (the CrossFit Cowboy) and Katrin Davidsdottir won the sanctional in Cape Town in February. Another two elite athletes who are no stranger to The CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Strength in Depth (5th Sanctional)

Bronislaw Olenkiewicz and Sara Sigmundsdottir took the event in England this last couple of weeks and will be moving on to the CrossFit Games.

The 2019 Open
February 21 – March 25th.

WOD 19.1

The CrossFit Open is LIVE! WOD 19.1 has been released (21 February) and consists of a 15 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible). You will do 19 Wall-Balls followed by a 19 calorie row. That’s it. CrossFit HQ has put the simplicity back into the games with this workout. Just because it’s two movements doesn’t mean it’s not difficult though. You are going to have to find a pace early if you aren’t going to burn out doing this one for 15 minutes. Last night Samantha Briggs, the “Engine from England” completed 9 rounds in the live open. Good luck!

WOD 19.2

The CrossFit Open continued with: 25 toes-to-bars, 50 double-unders, 15 squat cleans, 25 toes-to-bars, 50 double-unders, 13 squat cleans…and that was just the first 8 minutes. If you were good enough to get through that, you received the glorious reward of another 4 minutes of work. Then the same at 12 min and 16 min. It was a smoker with only the elite of the elite finishing the entire workout in 20 min or less.

WOD 19.3

19.3: over-head walking lunges, box step ups, hand stand push ups and hand stand walks was the order of the day. The first two events smoked the legs and by the time you got done with the hand stand push-ups you had to get right back on your hands…if you got that far. 200′ over head dumbbell lunges, 50 dumbbell box step ups (these were grueling), 50 STRICT hand stand push ups (no kipping), and THEN 200′ hand stand walk. Ugly.

Friday Night Lights

Every open, Carlisle CrossFit hosts “Friday Night Lights,” at 5pm on Fridays…go figure. This is one of the designated times during the week when you will be able to come to the gym and have the coaches score your open workout. FNL is not only your WOD for the day, but also a time to hang out and cheer on your fellow gym-mates. Bring a snack or a drink or two and enjoy the friendly competition that makes CrossFit what it is. Can’t wait to see you on Friday night for this fun and challenging competition!!!

The 2018 Games
August 1st through the 5th, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin. 

2018 CrossFit Games Winners

Congratulations to Tia Toomey and Mat Fraser for their dominating performance during the 2018 CrossFit Games!! Certainly inspiring performances by the fittest man and woman on the planet for the second year in a row.

The first day of the 2018 games saw 4 workouts starting with 10x 1,200 meter laps on a road bike. The athletes then had to do 30 muscle-ups for time and a little later a back squat, shoulder press and deadlift for one-rep max. Finally, they ended the day with 42KM on the Concept2 rower.

After a day of rest, it was time for The Battleground, an obstacle course with multiple sprints and mannequin drag as well as an obstacle course in the middle. The second workout of the day was a clean and jerk speed ladder with progressively heavier barbells. Finally, the athletes had to perform a 5-8-13 reps of: handstand push-ups, double kettlebell deadlifts and overhead lunges.

Day 4 started with a swim/paddle/run (500/1000/2000m) and then to a mixed workout appropriately named, “chaos,” which included everything but the kitchen sink. The third workout of the day was a bicouplet with snatches and bar muscle-ups. The sadists at CrossFit central pulled out a final bicouplet for the last workout of the day with snatches and chest-to-bar pullups.

On the last day, the athletes went through a handstand walk race over mutliple obstacles and ended the games with a workout named AENEAS. After 5 pegboard climbs, 40 thrusters and 3 sets of yoke carries, Tia Toomey and Matt Fraser stood out from the crowd.

Who is the fittest? How do you know? Since 2007, the CrossFit Games have evolved to answer these questions. Each year the Games are a more comprehensive test of fitness, and the athletes raise the level of competition to unprecedented heights. The average regional athlete in 2017 will be dramatically more capable than the worlds best in 2007.

Several unique characteristics define the CrossFit Games. The Games change every year and oftentimes, the details are not announced until right before each event. Athletes train year-round for a competition that is almost completely a mystery. When they reach the Games, they put their training and mental fortitude to the test and take on a rigorous, broad-ranging test of overall physical capacity. At the close of competition, the Fittest on Earth™will have clearly distinguished themselves.

Just because the games are over doesn’t mean the competition is. The athletes will be taking some time to recover, but they will be back after it. Get yourself ready for the open in 2019!!

Katrin Davidsdotter, the fittest woman on earth in 2016


2016 marked the 10-year anniversary of the CrossFit Games. The evolution of the sport is undeniable when the present is compared to the past.

In 2007, the inaugural Games kicked off at Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro’s family ranch in Aromas, California. Approximately 70 athletes came together for a grassroots throw down and a barbecue.

At the end of the weekend, two-time second-place Games finisher Mat Fraser stood atop the podium after a more-than-dominant performance throughout the entire week. Iceland transplant Katrin Davidsdottir took the women’s title for the second consecutive year, and CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, captained by four-time individual champion Rich Froning, repeated as the Affiliate Cup champ.

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